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L-VL Group is New Media Consulting Agency, Design House, Photography & Videography Production Company and an Event Consulting firm.   Our clients range from Private Companies, Government entities Marketing agents, Advertising agencies, Public Relations Executives, Studios, Public Figures, Celebrities, Diplomats and Dignitaries. .

We are hired by our clients to obtain positive overall campaigns, projects and press coverage. We create Short Films, Documentaries, Commercials and Ad campaigns designed to plant a desired image in the minds of the consumers and there cliental. We also organize the development for an increase in awareness and businesses.

Our main focus at L-VL Group will be to provide the community with in-depth documentaries on subjects pertaining to issues that are relevant to the well being, education and awareness to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

With over 60 years of combined experience in Film, Photography, Media and Events Industry. We are more than capable and structured to handle all the projects that we have in our sight and more. From Broadcast to Cinema releases to web and print. We each have been able to exceed in our own fields to make this a perfect synergetic partnership.


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United Arab Emirates:

Abu Dhabi

Managing Director: Wassim Beydoun:   
+971 50 538 6277
E-mail:    wassim@l-vl.com

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